What staffing companies look for in web developers?

Staffing companies are very careful when hiring a web developer for their business as they need to find the person who has a proper understanding of their business. That’s why they make a lot of research and interviews before hiring a web developer and that’s the reason why most of the web developers fail to get an opportunity in the staffing company.

You need to make a lot of research before applying for an event staffing companies as you are supposed to provide them the proper answers to the questions they ask you. There are many things that a staffing company looks for in a web developer and some of them are completely unpredictable but today we’re going to share some information about the basic qualities that you must have in yourself if you want to apply for a job in a staffing company as a web developer.

Take a look at this information and decide that whether you are eligible to apply for a staffing company or not.


You must have complete command over web designing languages as the design is the main focus of most of the staffing companies. You must keep some of your previous web design projects into your portfolio so that they can take a look at those projects to understand your skills. They just need to make sure that whether you’re capable of converting their design into code or not.

Relevant Experience

The experience in the relevant field is extremely important because this is what makes them feel satisfied that they’ll not have to waste their time on you for explaining a project. It is not only good for them but for you as well because sometimes in staffing companies, you’re supposed to handle some projects that you have never handled before.

So, make sure that you have some experience of the relevant or have designed some websites of staffing companies just for the practice.

Programming Language

You must have complete command over the web programming language because there are some elements involved in the website of the staffing company that is not easy to program such as designing a scheduling chart with proper functionality or preparing a converter for a particular object. Sometimes, they may even ask you to add a payment gateway to their website which is extremely difficult to handle.


You would have to create a secure platform for them as they don’t want their information to be stolen at any cost because that’s all they have got. The staffing companies have many competitors who are always in the struggle of dominating others.

If you want to apply in a staffing company as a web developer, you must be sure that you can make their platform and private information secure, otherwise, you’ll have to face a lot of trouble.